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     Travel with Deni is an empowering children's book that celebrates
    diversity and encourages global citizenship by taking readers on adventures
    that explore different nationalities and cultures. It can be a valuable
    resource in promoting resilience and a positive mindset among students, while
    also complementing PSHE curriculum objectives.

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    "Wonder with Wallace" serves as an excellent educational tool,
    particularly in science education. With detailed diagrams and engaging
    narratives, it aids in teaching complex topics such as the human skeleton,
    teeth, and various body systems including digestive, circulatory, and
    respiratory systems.

The Author

Wallace grew up in London where she spent her childhood obsessed with books
that took her on an adventure to different countries, planets and dimensions.
She wondered what it would be like to travel the world and visit the places
that she read about, so she did. Denice has travelled to over 30 countries and
wants to encourage children to travel the world. When she was younger, she would
read to her siblings and help them with their homework. Denice realised that
she wanted to be a teacher, but her mother had different plans! After studying
Law, she decided to follow her dreams and became a teacher. She has been an educator for over 8 years and currently teaches in Qatar. Whilst at university
she learnt about Carol Dweck’s growth mindset analogy, so now she teaches
children how to think positively and have create a ‘can do’ attitude. Travel
with Deni empowers children to face their
fears and travel the world. Wonder with Wallace promotes resilience and perseverance whilst educating children on the organs and systems within the body.

School visits

Denice Wallace can come into your school to read 'Travel with Deni' and 'Wonder with Wallace'. She is able to read to entire Key Stages or lead writing workshops with individual classes.

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